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CBSOURCING was founded in 2008. We have offices in the US, Canada and China. Being the most reputable sourcing agency online, CBSOURCING now has amazing dedicated staff members.

  • Our Mission

CBSOURCING Apparel Sourcing Agency, our mission is to bridge the gap between fashion designers and manufacturers in China. We strive to be the catalyst for successful collaborations, providing seamless and reliable sourcing solutions that bring exceptional designs to the global market.

  • Why Us?

Expertise: With years of experience in the apparel industry and a deep understanding of the Chinese market, we possess the expertise to navigate the complexities of sourcing and production.

Extensive Network: Our vast network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers enables us to find the perfect match for your unique apparel needs, ensuring top-notch quality and timely delivery.

Quality Assurance: We maintain strict quality control measures throughout the sourcing process, ensuring that only the finest products reach our clients' hands.

Cost-effectiveness: Leveraging our industry insights, we secure the most competitive pricing for materials and production, optimizing your budget and maximizing profitability.

Personalized Approach: Every client is unique, and so are their requirements. We pride ourselves on offering personalized solutions tailored to each designer's vision and goals.

  • Why we help!

We are passionate about supporting emerging and established fashion designers in bringing their creative visions to life. By offering comprehensive sourcing assistance, we aim to empower designers to focus on their artistry, while we handle the logistical complexities. We take immense pride in contributing to the growth and success of our clients, as they make their mark in the dynamic world of fashion.

With our Apparel Sourcing Agency by your side, you can confidently embark on a journey of innovation and excellence, as we turn your dreams into beautifully crafted reality. Let's collaborate and revolutionize the fashion industry together.



Top Issues Clients Have Before Sourcing

  • Fraud

  • Language barriers with manufacturers

  • Receiving defective products barrier

  • High international shipping cost

  • Couldn’t find the right product

  • Couldn’t find the right manufacturer

  • Couldn’t get a good price

  • Don't know how to look for products

Grab Your FREE Sourcing Roadmap

A sourcing roadmap is a strategic plan that outlines our approach to procuring the materials, products, and services necessary to deliver exceptional value to you. A sourcing roadmap is a strategic plan that outlines our approach to procuring the materials, products, and services necessary to deliver exceptional value to you.

Sourcing & Procurement

We act as your local representative. We negotiate and purchase for you directly with local vetted suppliers, and not with middlemen or agents.

Supply Chain Supervision

We are your eyes in the field. We evaluate your suppliers current operations, and recommend a plan of action to improve the production efficiency.

Design & Development

Our experience resides in diverse sectors. We can generate OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product designs according to your requirements.

Shipping & Logistics

CBSOURCING Shipping offers a full range of logistics and transport services with a focus on efficiency and reliability at a competitive prices for your business.

Our Services.

Managing everything from customer service to distribution, CBSOURCING simplifies the ordering process for your brands across the globe.

Apparel Sourcing


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Women’s Clothing (Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Jeans)

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Under Garments


Men’s Clothing (Tops, Bottoms, & Jeans)


Product design:


Graphic design

Tech packs

Pattern making



NNN Agreements

Shipping and Delivery 

Private Label 


Medical apparel





Under garments

Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Sourcing FAQs

Why should I use CBSOURCING company?

There are many excellent factories in China. However, dealing with overseas factories requires a lot of experience in terms of effective communication.

Diverse barriers can be encountered by overseas factories to insure continuous manufacture efficiency & quality from suppliers such as:

✔️Most factories outsource the workload to multiple locations, especially during peak production times = lack of quality control and equal deliveries.

✔️Important workforce turnover in factories (especially after Chinese New Year) = lack of constant production delivery.

✔️Inconsistency in supply of raw materials due to seasonal difficulties = lack of production quality and respect for delivery times.

Constant supply chain supervision, monitoring and control processes are needed (material requirement, processing technologies, pre-production, mid-production and end product quality control/testing), shipping and export management.

Using a professional company like CBSOURCING will enable you to buy your goods from China with confidence and even lower your costs!

How do you differ from other sourcing companies?

Our services are complete. CBSOURCING is not just a sourcing company, we procure for our customers, inspect, audit & supervise supply chains in addition to designing and development of your products.

We are a dedicated team of professionals that offer personalized services to our respected customers.

✔️In our Sourcing & Procurement service, we will analyze detailed customer requests, verify and negotiate with suppliers, purchase products, inspect production facilities and organize the shipping of goods.

✔️In our Supply Chain Supervision service, we will analyze detailed customer briefs, verify the supplier premises, examine the supply chain organization, issue contracts to ensure our improvements implementation, inspect production facilities and organize the shipping of goods.

✔️In our Design & Development service, we will understand your description, propose you designs, personalize your inquiry, create a sample, review the results and finalize to deliver the product you desire.

How is quality controlled?

We control quality at various stages of the supply chain. 

We initiate our monitoring with a “Pre-Production Inspection” (PPI), followed by detailed inspections or audits.

Finally, we perform a “Pre-Shipment Inspection” (PSI) at the end of the production stage, and we carry out a “Quality Control.” 

At every important stage of production, we deliver detailed reports and « live communication » with our clients by video or email. 

Our customers can follow up if the quality of the production is maintained and deadlines are respected, anticipated or delayed.

How do your sourcing services work?

Step 1-Fillout a FREE sourcing form.

During this step we are gathering all the information at your request and will send an email if we need additional information from you.

Step 2-Get a FREE quote via email.

We will start a FREE general sourcing search. During this process we talk to the manufacturers, negotiating prices, sample cost, MOQ, shipping etc. This process will take 5-10 business days, depending on the product and season.

Step 3-Pay your invoice.

If you like the prices quoted-you will pay the invoice and we will start on your order. (Please note that the shipping fee is an estimate.)

Step 4-Processing your order. 

During this process we will start working on your tech pack, samples, MOQ for your bulk order and building a relationship with the manufacturers. This process can take 2-6 months-depending on the item.

Step 5-Shipping and Logistics

During this process we are shipping your items to you. The shipping fee will be added to your order. 

Step 6-Reordering

If you are a returning customer and would like to order the same product again, you will submit an order form via email.

Why do we reorder through your company?

As a sourcing agency, we negotiate the lowest prices with the manufacturers. We build strong long-term relationships with manufacturers. This is to ensure that the prices will stay low as long as you order with us.  

2. Support and Shipping FAQs

Can you contact the supplier for me?

Yes, before you pay for your order, we will contact the supplier for you. We will make sure that all of your questions are answered. 

Which countries do you ship to from China? 

We export products to the US/UK/Canada/Middle East/ Australia/ Hong Kong and some countries in Africa. We only do in-person factory sourcing in China. 

How will I know my order has been placed with the supplier?

We do everything, thus, you do not have to worry about dealing with a supplier. We will let you know exactly when we start your order, when the order in finished and when we ship your order.  

Do you offer shipping support and how long is shipping?

We will let you know how much your shipping will be once we receive your order. We use DHL, FedEx, UPS and EMS to ship your order. Shipping times are normally 4-5 weeks, depending on the product. 

Why do we reorder through your company?

If you would like a refund from the supplier, we recommend that you apply for a refund during our inspection process. After your products leave our warehouse, we are no longer liable for your refund. We also do not refund our service fee. 

What happens if my items are at customs?

From time to time, items are held by customs for months. If this occurs, there is nothing we can do. Please note that we don't control customs and some items held at customs may never be released to you. However, we will try our best to contact the shipping company for you. 

3. Billing FAQs

Are your services expensive?

The answer is « NO ». In several ways, you end up paying less working with us!

✔️ Most factories do not deal with buyers directly; they are represented by traders and local agents mainly due to language barriers.

✔️ Using a professional sourcing company is much more cost & time effective than dealing with factories directly.

✔️ Many factories will manufacture the product you are searching for. Contacting them directly one by one is time-consuming and complicated. Using the professional services of a sourcing company such as CBSOURCING will guide you to reliable suppliers.

✔️ We know how to control every step of a production and we are focused in detail on minimizing your risks!

How do I pay for my services?

We accept visa, MasterCard, American express and bank transfers.

What are your service fees?

Firstly, you need to fill out a sourcing form, telling us what products you want or how we can help you. Then we will assign you an agent to provide you with the following service fees. Our service fee starts at $99 and a sourcing fee is $199. 

Product Sourcing, cost evaluation: Your agent will help you get you the most competitive price according to your product requirements. They can also help you evaluate the total cost for mass production, shipping, and customs duty to your country.

What is a sourcing and service fees?

Service Fee- is a one-time fee per item for all work done for your order. Includes: Sourcing & Procurement, Supply Chain Supervision, Design & Development, and Shipping & Logistics.  

Sourcing Fee-is the fee that you pay when you place an order. Please see the "Do you have additional service fees," question.

Do you have additional service fees?

Yes, if you want us to go beyond your sourcing services, there are additional fees. All fees are paid in advance. Our fees are based on the product cost. For example, if your order is $2000, you will pay an additional $200 (10% service fee). 

Please note that our service fee is a one-time charge per item sourced.

The service fees are:

✔️ Less than $1000, $99 service charge

✔️ $1000-$2000, $199 sourcing fee 

✔️ $2000-$5000, 10% service charge, $2199 sourcing fee 

✔️ $5000-10,000, 8% service charge, $149 sourcing fee

✔️ $10K-15K<, 6% service charge,  $99 sourcing fee 

✔️ $15K (please contact us via email info@cbsourcingagency.com)

FYI: We do not control the tracking or shipping times. All sales are final

Do I have additional service fees after I place my first order?

Yes, you will only pay a flat rate of $99 to place an order from a previous order. You will not have to pay a sourcing fee.

Do you have to pay for other services outside or the "service and sourcing" fees?

All "service and sourcing" fees are paid upfront and are paid no more than once. However, we offer tech packs, Chinese NNN Agreements, Chinese Trademarks, and Chinese Patents. All of these additional services are optional ad upon request or recommended according to your order.


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